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Louisville Ladder Extension and Stepladder Safety Kit

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Louisville Ladder Extension and Stepladder Safety Kit

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Ladders are one of the most common tools involved with physical injuries in adults, especially those over the age of 30. The simple fact is, one can build up quite a bit of speed with a two or three-story fall, and the surface is usually hard, like cement, causing even worse injuries on impact. As a result, fall safety is a serious matter for any industrial or commercial application of ladder use.

Whether working in the telecommunications industry, roofing, painting, tree trimming, or repair work involving electrical or structural repair, ladder use is regular, and ladder safety kits are a must. These kits provide basic components of safety to help either prevent falls or slow them down so the injuries are less severe. The goal of a ladder safety kit is to prepare the climber with safety protection while keeping comfort in mind, essentially preventing or breaking falls.

Again, ladder falls are no joke. The related injuries are typically found to be the cause of an incredible number of preventable injuries and even deaths. By simply using a ladder safety kit, the risk of such an incident becoming a serious harm is cut down tremendously. It’s practically a no-brainer in terms of prevention to always be using safety gear while working on a ladder. With the right ladder safety kit, while one could still wobble and fall, the distance will be far shorter, resulting in bruises and a strain versus broken bones or worse.

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At Destiny Solutions, the customer service team bundled top-of-the-line ladders and safety equipment into one easy kit, making a cost-efficient purchase. All products are backed with an industry standard guarantee. Contact us by leaving a message with Destiny Solutions, Inc. in Georgetown, IN or calling us at (812) 501-5043.

1 – Louisville Ladder; 28’ Extension, Fiberglass, with V-Rung Pole Grip and Strand Hooks, 300 Lb. capacity.  [SKU# FE3228-E03]

1 - Louisville Ladder; 6’ Stepladder; 300 lbs. capacity with extra bracing and handyman tool slots. [SKU# L-3016-06] 

4 - Tie-Down Straps; 1,200 Lb. breaking strength, 3’ long.  [SKU# TGR-3]

1 – Deluxe Padded Ladder Positioning Belt; Size Medium-Large. [SKU# 7055-55ML]

1- Adjustable Lanyard; 3.5”- 6” long. [SKU #8209]

1 - Buckingham Ladder Lock, Bottom Strap Cynch. [SKU# 355B]

1- White Full Brim Hardhat; 6-point ratcheting. [SKU# HP24110]