GMP 5/8" Steel Swivel Breakaway 600 LB. Capacity



GMP ⅝” Steel Swivel Breakaway 600LB Capacity

Protect your cable and crew with the addition of the GMP ⅝” Steel Swivel Breakaway 600LB Capacity in your new hire kits. This is a super useful yet compact tool that every cable installer and telecommunications repair person needs to have on hand at all times. The breakaway swivel supports a maximum load of 600 pounds, which is ideal for most worksites. This unit also has fiber optic cable for broadband construction like FTTx, for more optimal workplace performance. The 600-pound (272 kg) strength is the industry standard for cable loads.

The GMP ⅝” Steel Swivel Breakaway 600LB Capacity features a convenient ⅝ inch (15.88 mm) diameter and is the smaller of two breakaway swivels by GMP. The ⅝ inch is perfectly suited to hold innerduct sizes of up to 1 ⅝ inches in diameter. A combination of this swivel and the ⅞ inch size will set your crew up for success in most workplace scenarios. The breakaway swivel is made to work with a replaceable tension bolt, a breakaway swivel bolt also produced by GMP. Together, this combination of swivel and bolt makes for a quick repair of any broken or weak fiber optic or coaxial cable.

Minimize costly cable damage by reducing the maximum pulling capacity for cables by using the GMP ⅝” Steel Swivel Breakaway 600LB Capacity. Made from premium steel and heavy-duty construction, this breakaway swivel contains a steel thrust washer and bushing along with four ball bearings. The design maximizes a smooth rotation under the heaviest of loads without twisting the cable. Note that the use of the GMP ⅝” Steel Swivel Breakaway is designed for the ⅝ inch breakaway swivel bolt, and cannot be used with the ⅞ inch size breakaway swivel bolt.

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