GMP - REPLACEMENT BOLT for 7/8" Breakaway Swivel

Break Point Lbs.: 340# Color Code: White


General Machine Products Breakaway Swivels

Get protected when pulling fiber optic or coaxial cable. These simple tools provide an inexpensive fracture point between the pulling line and cable avoiding costly cable damage if the cables rated pulling capacity is exceeded.

  • The design of the breakaway swivels incorporates a replaceable tension bolt that joins the barrel eye and swivel body. The bolt separates when pulling loads on the cable reach +/-5%. The damaged bolt can then be replaced in seconds using an Allen Wrench (included) and screwdriver.
  • The 5/8 in. size is extremely convenient when working with innerduct sizes below 1 5/8 in. in diameter
  • The swivel and bolt head are color-coded for fast load identification. We have a separate page for bolts. When ordering a swivel(s) please keep in mind the need to also order a few replacement bolts. This will avoid delays in work if the bolt supplied with the swivel(s) breaks. Delays can then occur while waiting for replacement bolt(s) to be ordered from the factory. 
When placing fiber optic cable, 600 lbs. has been the industry standard for maximum load tension on the cable.

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