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Fitel EZ-Terminator Splicer Kit [EZ-TERM-KIT A]

by Fitel
Original price $2,590.00 - Original price $2,590.00
Original price
$2,590.00 - $2,590.00
Current price $2,590.00

EZ-TERM-KIT-A for 900 µm Bare Fiber

The EZ-Terminator is a handheld connector termination tool, with a removable v-groove and wide arc chamber, that delivers fast and reliable terminations even under the toughest of situations. Combining portability in a ruggedized body, the EZ-Terminator offers powerful performance and accessibility needed in any MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) and SFU (Single Family Unit) installation.

Features and Benefits

 User Friendly: The EZ-Terminator comes with a Field Technician friendly designed wide operation chamber for easy fiber loading and connector assembly.

•Simple Operation: The EZ-Terminator is designed with One-Touch operation and pre-installed programs for error-free SOC fiber termination work.

 Excellent Visibility: Three LED lights illuminate the entire operation chamber with more than 300 Lux. The intense bright light is critical aid for performing connector terminations in low-light environments which are commonly encountered during MDU/ SFU installations.


EZ-Terminator Kit A package includes:

  • Main Body [ET-001]
  • 1 Soft Carrying Case [SCC-02]
  • 1 AC Adapter [S978A]
  • 1 AC Cable Cord
  • 1 Electrode Sharpener [D5111]
  • 1 Cleaning Brush [VGC-01]
  • 1 [S712S-900-L]
  • 1 Hand - Held Precision Clever [S326A]
  • 1  Fiber Optic Stripper [S211B]
  • 1 Fiber Prep Fluid [FPF-01]
  • 1 Fiber Wipes [FW-01] 

Data Sheet