Battery-Powered Punchdown Tool with Battery, 115V Charger, Krone Blade

Designed to terminate and trim wires in Krone termination blocks, this patented battery-powered punchdown tool is perfect for any telecom or data communications installer. This punchdown tool features the following:

  • Cleanly terminates and trims wires in Krone termination blocks in 36% less time than manual punchdown tools
  • Reduces the risk of carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries and is an effective means of combating fatigue
  • Economical option for installers to promote worker safety
  • Adjustable Hi/Lo impact settings terminate 22-28 AWG solid or stranded wire
  • Tested up to 100,000 cycles at high impact setting, ensuring long life during use
  • Tool can last over 1,000 impacts between each charge
  • Dual-action trigger for LED task lighting and impact indication
  • Blade can be locked and released 90 degrees and adjusted for any angled impact quickly and easily
  • Compatible with all our EPB-series blades and other similar brands (sold separately)
  • Lifetime Warranty

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