Mk2 EasySplicer, Complete Fusion Splicer Kit

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This Fusion Splicer uses the V-grove method for splicing and is simple to service and maintain.  The EasySplicer mk2 is easily one of the most inexpensive splicers on the market yet still boasts a performance rate 3-4 times beyond more expensive units! The complete kit includes:

  • 1x  Ceramic Oven (Built-in)
  • 1x 3 pairs of fiber holders, 250µm 900µm and lose tube
  • 1x Cleaver with a bin (trash can)
  • 1x Stripper (3-hole)
  • Long-life electrodes (5k splices)
  • 1x Rechargeable LiON-type battery pack (Built-in)
  • 1x Power supply/Charger
  • 1x Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Owners Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

The EasySplicer mk2 is a precision, Swedish-made Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer, created for onsite installations. It's designed to be portable, and rugged while allowing you to solve fiber issues in the field.

Specifically made for the on-the-job installer and end-user. Many of the Splicers on the market are difficult to use and require a lot of education before they can be easily operated. EasySplicer mk2 is easy to learn, in most cases, you're up and running within an hour.

The EasySplicer mk2 functions are simple too, with three buttons total and most functions only require the use of the main button for splicing. Still, the precision of the unit is extremely high. A typical splice only has a loss of 0,03 dB (Single mode). After splicing it tests the splice and makes a loss estimation and troubleshoots your work. Warnings are also provided before splicing (like; Bad fiber, Dirty fiber, and offset).

The onboard battery pack, small yet powerful, allows you to perform some 60 splices before you need to recharge. Extra battery packs are sold separately and are easily swapped out onsite. The EasySplicer mk2 constantly calibrates itself for environmental changes like moisture, air pressure, and temperature. This can also be done manually, and calibration is performed within seconds to make sure the splice is perfect.

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