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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

Cable Mapper & Toner 8 Way

by Jonard
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Cable Mapper & Toner For COAX & LAN

Designed for finding and identifying multiple COAX and LAN cables in main cable boxes, this cable mapper and toner is the perfect tool for use on cables for CATV, network installations, satellite installations, audio-video equipment, CCTV, and security & alarm installations. This 8-way cable mapper and toner kit feature the following:

  • Eight numbered and color-coded cable identifiers (#1 White, #2 Red, #3 Black, #4 Blue, #5 Green, #6 Yellow, #7 Purple, #8 Brown)
  • Built-in tone generator easily identifies opens and shorts
  • Auto power off after 30 minutes in "Tone" mode
  • Tests for opens and shorts
  • Auto power off 12 seconds after pass/fail results
  • Maximum cable length for testing is 4,000 feet
  • Powered by two 3V CR2032 batteries
  • Maximum DC cable resistance is 100 Ohms
  • Live voltage detection
  • Low battery warning light indicator