Basic Butt Set Phone Line Tester

The BSX200 Basic Butt Set Phone Line Tester is for the lineman who occasionally needs to deal with dial tones when installing or testing local-loop telephone lines. It features three ways to connect to the line: RJ11 connector, high-quality alligator clips, or type 66 adapter. The BSX200 handles the most critical butt set requirements in a compact kit such as dial tone, dial out, caller ID, last number redial, on/off hang-up button, flash button, DTM, and FSK support, last number redial, and three types of line plugs.

Key Features
  • Basic Butt Set
  • Handset with Cord and RJ11 Plug
  • RJ11 Alligator Clip Adapters
  • Type 66 Block Connector
  • Carrying Pouch

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