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Give us a call at 812.501.5043!

18" x 18" Vinyl Warning Flag with 24" Staff

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Original price
$4.99 - $4.99
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  • 18 inch by 18-inch
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Withstand UV Radiation
  • High Visibility 

Provide a safety flag for any construction project that is made to last with the 18” Fluorescent Orange Vinyl Warning Flag. This is an 18 inch by 18-inch vinyl safety flag designed to withstand wind, rain, and the elements of road transportation. It features a signature fluorescent orange to stand out and get the attention of passersby. Those work crews who are in need of solid vinyl safety flags can stock up and save today with this selection.

Choose the 18” Fluorescent Orange Vinyl Warning Flag made with long-lasting durable vinyl PVC. This material is selected for its ability to withstand UV radiation. The result is an orange safety flag that will not fade in the sun as it retains its color with exposure. This is essential for most workplace projects. Fluorescent orange is also the preferred color by safety standards. Utilize this warning flag whenever your crew needs to provide a head’s up regarding machinery or site traffic.

Protect against worksite accidents and injuries with the high-quality 18” Fluorescent Orange Vinyl Warning Flag. Use this red/orange colored flag for high visibility on heavy or oversized loads, or at crosswalks where pedestrians are present. Notice the heavy-duty handle made from a 24-inch dowel of 3/4 inch thick wood.

This is ideal for holding the flag as a crossing guard or to provide an easy way to mount the vinyl warning flag. Insert the wooden dowel directly into a pot of dirt or pebbles to create a mounted 18” Fluorescent Orange Vinyl Warning Flag. Suitable for commercial projects and residential remodels, as well as educational and community venues.