MILWAUKEE® 18V M18 Red Lithium™ XC (4.0) Extended Capacity Battery



Do you need a better battery for your cordless tools from the Milwaukee M18 collection? There are more than 60 cordless tools that carry the signature Milwaukee red and white branding. Here is where you want to invest in the MILWAUKEE® 18V M18 Red Lithium™ XC (4.0) Extended Capacity Battery.

This is the lithium-ion battery that features a 4.0 amp per hour performance with 72 watts an hour extended capacity. You get the performance and extended capacity that your job demands, while supplying you with a backup power supply for those long and tough jobs you face daily.

Why Choose the MILWAUKEE® 18V M18 Red Lithium™ XC (4.0) Extended Capacity Battery?

As a contractor or construction worker, the property that you bring to each job site must provide maximum efficiency. This includes each and every tool, including the external battery packs you need to maintain charge and performance throughout each shift or project. Time and time again, you struggle, though, to have readily available batteries for your tools.

Stop struggling with loss of capacity due to low quality power tools without good backup energy supplies. The MILWAUKEE® 18V M18 Red Lithium™ XC (4.0) Extended Capacity Battery provides everything you need to power up your cordless tools throughout the entire line.

When you buy the MILWAUKEE® 18V M18 Red Lithium™ XC (4.0) Extended Capacity Battery, it comes with individual cell monitoring and a temperature management system. Coupled together, these high-tech features plus REDLINK™ Intelligence ensures overload protection for optimal charging.

The battery features a weld frame with a protective rubber sleeve to save against vibrations due to impact. Considered best in class for its construction, and highly recommended by MILWAUKEE® for anyone who operates the M18 line of tools.

Features + Benefits

  • 4.0 Amp-hour, 72 Watt-hour extended capacity battery
  • Lithium-ion battery delivers long life and run time with fade-free power
  • Battery fuel gauge displays remaining run time
  • Milwaukee Redlink™ Intelligence
  • Overload Protection prevents users from damaging their cordless power tool investment in abusive situations
  • Temperature Management System keeps the battery in the ideal temperature range to provide maximum life
  • Individual Cell Monitoring ensures optimal charge and discharges for maximum life
  • Discharge Protection prevents cell damage from over-discharge
  • Best in class construction
  • Integrated weld frame
  • Cell separator
  • Impact and vibration protective rubber
  • For use with Milwaukee M18 cordless tools

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