Economy Mesh Safety Vest / Reflective Yellow [75-3003]



  • Bright Yellow Fabric
  • Elastic Side Straps
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Site Visibility
  • Low-light Environments

For a more affordable and lightweight solution for your telecommunications crew, choose the Economy Reflective Yellow Mesh Safety Vest. Using a bright yellow fabric that is nearly lime green allows for high visibility in all working conditions. Notice that this is not an OSHA or ANSI certified vest. This is unique to most of our safety vests. It is approved only for site visibility to ensure safety for foot traffic and visitors. This makes this vest the ideal solution for any busy telecommunications company that needs a way for line workers to be visible when safety is not the main focus. 

Are you shopping for a basic vest to add to your new hire kit? Stock up on the Economy Reflective Yellow Mesh Safety Vest, and have something readily available. This is a high visibility safety vest with no pockets. There are elastic side straps that are fully adjustable on each side of the vest. This helps to secure the vest in place. In addition, there is either a Velcro or an adjustable hook and loop closure on the front of the safety vest.

See how shiny the silver material is on the Economy Reflective Yellow Mesh Safety Vest. This is ideal for enhancing visibility in low-light environments. Perfectly suited for dusk and dawn in the working hours when sunlight is at a premium. Choose this high-vis vest for your economical safety gear needs.

The 1-inch silver reflective striping adds to the security functions of this safety vest. Upgrade your work site or office with the addition of this economical vest for safety. Again, this vest is made especially for site safety only.

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