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by Jonard
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Barrel Lock Plunger Key

The Jonard Tools TTB-6 Barrel Lock Plunger Key is designed to unlock Channell LK03029817 and Highfield 93180775-S CATV barrel locks quickly and easily. It only works with these 2 types of locks with inside diameters from 0.176" to 0.196" (do not try to use for other purposes as it will not work). This barrel lock plunger features the following:

  • Made of high carbon alloy steel for heavy-duty use and engineered for superior tamper resistance
  • Smooth plunger and heavy-duty spring designed for high strength and durability plus the tool is serialized for extra protection
  • Designed only for the CATV barrel locks mentioned above, does not work with other locks including those for electric and gas meters