GMP 1000 LB. 7/8" Tension Bolt



GMP 1000 lb ⅞” Tension Bolt

Outfit your telecommunications crew with the best tools possible, starting with the GMP 1000 lb ⅞” Tension Bolt. This is a much-needed solution for use with the breakaway swivel by GMP. This device ensures a complete connection with the fiber optic or coaxial cable. The use of the tension bolt connected with the breakaway swivel makes a seamless cord connection. Supply all of your new hire kits with the best in performance with a complete set of GMP tension bolts and breakaway swivels in multiple sizes. The breakaway swivels are available in ⅝ inch and ⅞ inch sizes to accommodate expectations in the worksite.

The GMP 1000 lb ⅞” Tension Bolt is a powerful unit that is heavily utilized in the telecommunications and cable industries. Upgrading telecommunications cables or providing repairs to fiber optic lines is not possible without the use of a tension bolt and breakaway swivel to secure broken and weak cables. Find out how seamless this system will make your workload today with the selection of this GMP 1000 lb ⅞” Tension Bolt by Destiny Solutions.

Choose this tension bolt by GMP to provide a secure breaking strength for fiber optic and coaxial cable. The strength of the GMP 1000 lb ⅞” Tension Bolt is one of 11 standard bolt strengths based on bolt size. The breakaway swivel style bolt comes in a strength range of 200 pounds (91 kg) to 700 pounds (317 kg). However, if you are utilizing the ⅞ inch breakaway swivel, this should be coupled with the GMP 1000 lb ⅞” Tension Bolt. Only this size of tension bolt will match the breakaway swivel safely and securely. Using the wrong sized breakaway swivel with this tension bolt is not possible as the bolt sizes are not interchangeable.


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