GMP Breakaway Swivel 7/8"



Are you prepping a fall protection kit for your new job in telecommunications? We have you covered with the GMP Breakaway Swivel ⅞ Inch. This is a key secure ringing component for anyone who is dealing with telecommunications installation.

As part of a telecommunication workers kit, the Breakaway Swivel in ⅞ Inch size is ideal to include along with an assortment of sizes of descenders and cable grabs. Pulley systems with cable line and SRLs are part of auto descent devices used in fall protection. Utilize this Breakaway Swivel in your installation gear to be ready for anything that comes your way.

About the GMP Breakaway Swivel ⅞ Inch

The GMP Breakaway Swivel ⅞ Inch is made with a steel thrust washer. A bushing is part of a break-away swivel that has four ball bearings inside of it. This combination of bushing and ball bearing setup allows for greater give and flexibility with the Breakaway Swivel by GMP.

The larger sizes beyond ⅞ Inch come with more ball bearings to account for the weight capacity and size increase. This reduces twisting on the cable and allows for a smoother rotation when holding its maximum load capacity.

The GMP Breakaway Swivel ⅞ Inch uses a replaceable tension bolt in between the swivel body and barrel. This swivel mechanism increases the cable’s capacity without causing damage to it based on the fracture point. Note this is a green color-coded swivel that is painted to make identification easier when in a fall protection kit. This Breakaway Swivel is designed to have a breakpoint of 1000 pounds, or 544 kilograms.

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